Technical Help

Our site contains interactive features implemented in Java, JavaScript, and other technologies. If your browser is more than two years old, you will probably experience problems with at least some parts of the site.

We recommend using the latest production version of either Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The absolute earliest version that will work correctly for all features is version 4 of either browser.

If you are using a supported browser and are still having problems, try the following:

1.   Maximize your browser window: Java has problems when it overlaps the right edge of the screen. You should be able to see the entire width of this page without scrolling horizontally. (Vertical screen size is not a problem).

2.   Make sure Java and JavaScript are both enabled. These are options that you can turn on from your browser's menu.

3.   If an interactive feature seems to be functioning, but the colors look strange, try increasing your color resolution. Some browsers have problems drawing Java colors when the color resolution is set below 16 bit.

If you are still having trouble, please let us know. Tell us what browser and operating system you are using, and what kind of trouble you are experiencing. We probably won't be able to answer you individually, but we will try to find the problem and fix it.