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(Also note that the economic indicators page has a lot of links.)


     CyberEconomics is an easy online tutorial.

The National Bureau of Economic Research is the referee that calls the official start and end of recessions.

The Economist offers news and analysis on global events.

The Congressional Budget Office provides guidance for our humble public servants.

The Financial Markets Center probes the mysteries of the Federal Reserve.

You can't totally separate economics from politics; so here is an unbiased sampling of what's out there:

Conservative:   Heritage Foundation
Empower America
Libertarian: Cato Institute
Bi-Partisan: Concord Coalition
Citizens Against Government Waste
Liberal: Economic Policy Institute
Paul Krugman Archive

Plus, a few think-tanks:

American Enterprise Institute
Brookings Institution
Urban Institute

The Treasury Department has an education center with a lot of interesting information, including this History of the U.S. Tax System.

The Social Security Administration offers these benefits calculators.

This Economic Calendar lets you see what's happening in the coming week.


Also see the Recommended Books page.

     Free to Choose must be the greatest book ever written on helping people think logically about the economy. You're likely to have a strong reaction (pro or con) to the politics, but just following the thought process is guaranteed to give you an awful lot of clarity.

From the recommended books page, Naked Economics helps you shed your mental inhibitions; the Guide to Economic Indicators is informative and readable.

Economics is a science based on mathematical models... except at the top levels of the real world, where economic policy is a seat-of-the-pants operation run by former Wall Street hot-shots. Two revealing books: Maestro about Alan Greenspan, and In an Uncertain World by former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.


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