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On this site, see the Index Funds article, especially the styles page that explains how different index families chop up the market, this performance calculator, and the list of index funds and ETFs.

For some theory, see the Fama and French Three Factor Model and the Stock Valuation article.

Also see this style drift page (there's a big difference between value funds and "value" funds).



Morningstar Snapshot
     You can visit the websites of Gene Fama and Ken French. Both lack evangelical zeal, but French's data library is a geek's paradise with millions of numbers.

DFA explains their own methodology, the theory behind Small Value performance, and the advantages of using low P/B as a value measure; and provides video interviews with Fama and French.

The Efficient Frontier has many articles on Small Value investing, including this discussion on whether value is really a measure of risk, and this one on why small growth is so awful.

The Bogleheads Wiki has a classification of Small Value Funds and ETFs.

DFA retailer IFA has an overwhelming amount of relevant educational material.


Also see the Recommended Books page.

     Siegel's Stocks for the Long Run argues that the small cap advantage is a myth. His more recent Future for Investors argues that value does well because investors pay too much for growth.

The Four Pillars of Investing explains Small Value returns from a risk/reward viewpoint.

Several well-known books have advocated screening for low valuation ratios when picking individual stocks; see What Works on Wall Street, Super Stocks, and One Up on Wall Street.


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