Roth IRA Retirement Calculator

This calculator lets you see how a Roth IRA will fit into your own plans. Ideally, you should contribute up to the limit while you're working in order to maximize your tax savings. Use an inflation-adjusted return rate to put the other numbers approximately into today's dollars. (The stock market has historically returned between six and seven percent annually after inflation; you could use a smaller number if you want to be conservative.)


Your age:
Current IRA Balance:  $ 
Expected Return Rate: %
Your Plan
Contribute $ a year until you turn 50 ... then ...
Contribute $ a year until you turn ... then ...
Withdraw equal annual amounts over the next years.


(See the Roth IRA Rules page for eligibility, limits, and penalties.)

The main thing to notice is that your total withdrawals are likely to be far higher than your total contributions: tax-free growth is a beautiful thing.

(Also see the risky retirement calculator to see how market volatility and inflation can affect your results.)



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