Fidelity Index Funds


Fidelity is best known for its actively managed mutual funds, particularly the Magellan Fund under the legendary management of Peter Lynch. But they also offer low cost index funds, which they call Spartan Funds.

Here are Fidelity's index funds for some core equity asset classes that are useful for most investors:


    S&P 500: FUSEX FUSVX
    Total Stock Market: FSTMX FSTVX
    Small Value: - -
    Global Excluding US:     FSGUX FSGDX
    Emerging Markets: FPEMX FPMAX


The Advantage Class funds charge lower fees, but require a higher minimum investment, than the Investor Class funds.

The obvious gap is Small Value. As of late 2015, Fidelity still does not offer a small value index fund, probably to avoid competing with their own actively managed value funds.


For More Information...

Fidelity web site: www.fidelity.com

See the index funds article, and Investing 101.

Also compare iShares, Schwab, and Vanguard index funds.



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