Charles Schwab Index ETFs


Charles Schwab is well established as a provider of low-cost products and services for investors.

Here is a short list of Schwab's index ETFs for some equity asset classes that are useful for most investors:


    S&P 500: -
    Total Stock Market: SCHB
    Small Value: -
    Global Excluding US:     -
    Developed Markets, Large and Mid Cap: SCHF
    Developed Markets, Small Cap: SCHC
    Emerging Markets: SCHE


There are a few gaps in Schwab's lineup. They don't offer an S&P 500, which probably doesn't really matter since most people would prefer the TSM, which provides similar performance and more diversification. There is no Global Ex-US (also known as Total International), but you can simulate it with the three international ETFs shown. And there is no Small Value, which many people consider a core asset class for their portfolio.

You can buy Schwab ETFs commission-free within a Schwab brokerage account, which is an extremely low-cost option.


For More Information...

Charles Schwab's web site: www.schwab.com

See the index funds article, and Investing 101.

Also compare Fidelity, iShares, and Vanguard index funds.



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