iShares Index ETFs


iShares offers an overwhelmingly huge menu of index ETFs. They have recently begun providing some guidance to investors by designating some of these ETFs as "core" products, typically with user-friendly symbols.

Here is a short list of iShares' index ETFs for some equity asset classes that are useful for most investors:


  "Core" Other
    S&P 500: IVV  
    Total Stock Market: ITOT  
    Small Value: - IJS   IWN   JKL
    Global Excluding US:     IXUS  
    Emerging Markets: IEMG  


This is a truncated list. iShares offers additional ETFs for some of these asset classes (and many others).


Arrangement with Fidelity

Fidelity brokerage customers can buy iShares ETFs commission free; see details on the Fidelity web site.


For More Information...

iShares web site: www.ishares.com

See the index funds article, and Investing 101.

Also compare Fidelity, Schwab, and Vanguard index funds.



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