Roth IRA Comparison Calculator

This calculator can help you decide whether the Roth IRA would provide an advantage over a deductible IRA for your own situation. The first section, which is optional, handles the conversion of an existing IRA to a Roth IRA. The other entries deal with future contributions. The results show the post-tax annual income you would have with each IRA.

Conversion of Existing IRA
Current IRA Balance: $
Source of Taxes Due on Conversion: *   Funds outside my IRA
Funds from my IRA
Future Contributions
Total Annual Contributions
(including non-sheltered contributions): **
IRA Contribution Limit: $
Your Investment and Taxes
Years until Retirement:  
Years to make Withdrawals:  
Investment Rate of Return:   %
Tax Bracket
    pre-retirement:   %
    during retirement:   %
Results: Annual Withdrawals available during Retirement
Deductible IRA: $
Roth IRA: $

* Source of taxes due on conversion: if you select funds outside your IRA, an amount equal to the tax due is added to the non-sheltered account corresponding to the deductible IRA.
**  Contributions can be higher than the IRA limit. The calculator will put as much as possible into each IRA, and put the excess into a non-sheltered account.

(Experts only) Contributions are stated in:
  Pre-tax dollars
  Post-tax dollars

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